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Saturday, December 18, 2004

peace, peace, peace on earth

We went last night with some folks from my church choir. It was kind of fun. At one house there was a little girl who couldn't stop bouncing and dancing around and then she asked us to come in, and when her mother explained to her that we had other houses to go to, she broke out into a genuine sobbing wailing fit. It was kind of sad. Then there was the house where they were throwing a birthday party for a three year old, and the very drunk owner of said house insisted -- in very broken English -- that we come in and sing happy birthday to Eddy. So we did. And then there were the catholic nuns who insisted we come in and see their nativity scene -- which was really quite beautiful. But I was uncomfortable with the going in part. I prefer staying out thankyouverymuch. So we went back to Madge's house and she gave us all mulled wine and then I was a happy camper again. =D

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