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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

favorite line of the day

Ok, so I know I've pimped this story before, but it's just so amazing and wonderful and beautifully heartbreaking and genius.

AND I've finally decided what it is about it that draws me to it; it has personality. It speaks to me the way the buildings speak to Oscar and Felix. I revel in the way the hotel and the church and the various other places they visit become characters in the story, very much personalities in their own right. And by making the places so personable, the sense of place and the sense of person meld and become one and give the story a richness that I could only ever dream of.

Five new chapters got uploaded today, and I am basking in the genius. So, without further ado, my favorite line(s) of the day:

Portia watched Oscar. "If you scrap this [project] it'll break his heart."

"And mine," Felix said. Portia glanced at him. He was also watching Oscar. "When did the two become so completely intertwined?

From A Law Divine by Sam and Jaida

*Lacy melts, dies, and is dead*

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