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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

puttin' on the ritz part deux

I have made a discovery.

The best strategy for party-going is go with someone who is the life of the party. Then, when you're there, you just get towed along in her wake and end up having a good time by default.

The Ritz was So Cool. They set up our reception in a ballroom with a balcony and ocean views. The buffet was amazing. It included a mixed salad and a mozzarella and tomato salad, sushi, top sirloin with either au jus or berjonaise (sp?) sauce, mushroom or saffron lobster risotto, and four or five different desserts. The open bar was located outside on the balcony, next to the guitarist, who was serenading us. The food was exceptional. I didn't have anything to drink -- I saved my calories for the cheesecake -- but the bartenders were friendly and cute.

After dinner, Rebecca flirted with one of the bartenders until he showed us how to sneak through the party next door, down the walk way, and out to the beach. So. Cool. There were dozens of surfers out and pretty good waves. We walked down to the point to look out, and when we walked back, we were accosted by three men from our company in a golf cart. They cajoled us to hop on for a ride, so we rode with them back up to the main entrance of the hotel, then wandered around the hotel looking at everything. (I took some pictures which finished up the roll from my bridal shower, so I'll post some as soon as I get them developed.)

By the time we wandered back to the reception, they were handing out cigars. Yup. Even some of the women were puffing like smokestacks. Deciding that that was not our cup of tea, we snuck down to the path again -- this time with the three guys and Liz in tow -- and went up to the gazebo to watch the sunset from the highest point on the bluffs. Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.

Rebecca and I have decided to become beach buddies this summer. Since Brandon won't put more than a toe into the ocean, Rebecca is going to teach me to boogie board and snorkel. We also decided that we want to go whale watching -- and the guys told us that Long Beach was the best place for that -- and we want to go snorkeling off Catalina island.

On the way home I got a little turned around, but ended up driving up highway one through Laguna Beach, which is one of my favorite of the beach towns around here, and then taking the 133 up through the hills back to the main freeway. It was an awesome drive to make at twilight.

So three cheers for Rebecca, my saving grace when it comes to positive party going experiences. And three cheers for the Ritz, the beach, half-naked surfers, sunsets, drunk guys in golf carts (when they picked us up, one of them said -- "We're doing pretty good! We just picked up two hot girls!"), open bars, excellent cheesecake, and Corporate, who picked up the tab. =)

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Charlie said...

One of my professors had a food rule in the class: No smelly foods. That included french fries. He insisted food that we could all smell would cause chaos, in that people would suddenly become hungry and go get food.