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Friday, April 22, 2005

Where are my peeps, yo?
I am SO GLAD it's Friday. Blah to work. Blah to politics and secrecy and intrigue. Blah to uncertainty and a big fat blah to having a MILLION things to do -- just none of them work related.

We've got a busy weekend planned (when do we not?). Saturday we're going up to UCLA for the LA Times Festival of Books. Whee! No idea what that's really all about, except everybody at my writer's group said it's awesome and crowded and worth the drive ('cos it's also free except for parking). According to the commercials on NPR, it's the largest book festival in the country.

There's a panel discussion about Young Adult fiction at 3pm, but I don't think we'll probably be able to go to that because we have an appointment at 4pm in Newport Beach with a wedding photographer. He's got a studio here and one in Albuquerque, and so we're meeting him here. Go fig!

Sunday is the Earth Day mass at church, and we go outside and have a jazz band and it's OK, except it's always hot and they make the choir sit in the sun. The drummer about passed out last year 'cos he was wearing black. David told us to wear casual clothes and hats. Should be interesting if nothing else. And Brandon's also got to go into work at some point this weekend, as is usual now that he's basically got two jobs and school to tend to.
Also frantically making appointments to meet with photogs in Santa Fe and Albuquerque next weekend. Haven't even started on the cake people yet. *sigh* Not loving this part of the whole wedding planning fiasco. =(

Anyway, happy weekend to everyone who gets one, and a big


to my mommy. She is the best mommy in the world and I loves her lots.

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