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Friday, April 01, 2005

the joys of being corporate

Hello, my name is [lboggs] and I have effectively been...


This means that when I got to work this morning, my previous desktop computer had been replaced with a new one, one connected to our new corporate network, and one which:

a)would not accept my password (because the Network People changed it without telling me)
b)does not have any of the programs I need to do my work installed on it
c)does not have any of my previous permissions attributed to me (so I can't access any of the network drives)

But I do now have the interoffice instant message program installed. Because it's oh-so important for me to be able to chat with my coworkers while waiting to be able to do any real work.

The very best part of all is that they Corporatized my co-worker at the same time. Neither of us has access to any of our programs that we use to troubleshoot user problems, and since most of the users have now been COrporatized as well, they have a LOT of problems. I work in IT, people. I NEED MY BLEEPING COMPUTER TO WORK.

Could this week get any better??

I was chatting this morning with one of my coworkers via my new instant message system, and she asked, "Could it be an April Fool's joke?"

Oh how I sincerely wish it was. But it's not. Because Corporate does not have a sense of humor.


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