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Monday, April 25, 2005

So, is it weird that I actually made a list in my day planner this weekend of stuff I wanted to blog about when I got time? Does that mean that this is a real addiction? Are there support groups or 12 step programs for this sort of thing? And if there are, do I really want to be cured of it??


This weekend was pretty wild. Went to Rebecca's birthday party on Friday night and discovered that, no matter how much I would LIKE to be good at parties, I am not. Not even after a cocktail (it was called Pink Lemonade and was citrus vodka, chambord, and lemonade). I also discovered that Rebecca has a lot of different kinds of friends. There was one guy who looked like a cross between Fabio and some sort of new age cult leader. He was wearing a shiny white shirt with poofy sleeves unbuttoned quite far and a LARGE crystal on a leather thong around his neck. Uh-huh. Then there was the guy with waist-length black hair, black jeans and tee shirt, lots of chains, and tatoos all over his arms and piercings in various places on his face. Then there was Liz who works with me and Rebecca and her husband. Then there was me and Brandon. Very diverse group.

Saturday we went to the LA Times Festival of Books at UCLA. It was fun, but also crowded and mass insanity. I saw Eoin Colfer (sp?) -- the guy who writes those Artemis Fowl books signing autographs, but I didn't get one because I'd already spent almost all of my money on parking and lunch for two. I was kind of hoping to be able to scope out different publishers, see what kinds of books they publish, grab a business card or two, that kind of thing, but it really wasn't possible. There were just TOO many people. Every booth was crowded, most so that you couldn't even get close to them, let alone see what kind of books they were selling.

I did, however, pick up some information on two different Southern California writer's clubs. I got a flyer from a third but was instantly turned off when I noticed several grammatical errors. I also got a little card from some random guy wandering around hawking his book called "Red, White, and Blue A Book of Poetry." It was a business card size, and it had two grammatical mistakes on it that I could see. Yup. Makes me really want to buy that book or join that club.

We also met with our first wedding photographer on Saturday. He has a studio here in Newport Beach and one in Albuquerque. We were a tad underwhelmed by what he showed us. He was a nice enough guy, and his prices were comparatively reasonable, but even after we told him we were interested in "documentary" style candid photographs, he proceeded to show us two albums full of trite, posed wedding pictures and a HORRIBLE DVD which made me shudder. Honestly, any freshman MOV major could have done infinately better work. Bleah! Here's hoping that the photographers we meet this weekend aren't the same way!

I feel like I had other things I wanted to write, but I can't remember what they were now. Oh well. If I remember them later, I'll just add them to my list.


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