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Friday, January 07, 2005

daily drabble

Life, in general, was being a total berk. Remus and Sirius were not speaking. Hell, they were hardly even looking at one another, and no one would tell him why. He'd spent more than an hour interrogating Peter to be certain that he didn't know anything, and it had been a wasted hour at that. He'd tried interrogating both Sirius and Remus in turns, but neither was saying anything. About anything. Sirius got sullen and moody and tended to become violent if James brought it up, and Remus became inexplicably deaf and mute until the subject was changed. James wondered when, exactly, he'd ceased to be able to bend either of them to his will.

The only thing he did know was that if one of them didn't tell him what the bloody hell was going on here fairly soon, he was going to have to knock some heads together.

On top of that, Lily was still ignoring him. And he was still ignoring her. It was getting easier, truth be told, but it was also making him cranky. She was like a bad habit he was trying to shake, and going cold turkey wasn't as easy as he'd anticipated. As he'd slowly been cutting her out of his life, the side effects had become more and more pronounced. First he stopped the snarky remarks, which had led to him being rather quieter in general than most of his professors and classmates were accustomed to. Then he'd stopped leering (at least, leering openly), which meant that he spent a good deal more time actually paying attention to what he was supposed to be doing at any given time than to what he would like to be doing. Namely, Evans.

The latest development was that he'd been trying to stop daydreaming about her. Gone were the infinite "LE+JP" doodles from the margins of his textbooks. Gone were the endless lists of her endearing qualities and estimations of her measurements written in invisible ink on the backs of his essays. He'd found himself actually reading his assignments last night while his mates sat around him in stony silence, and he'd been deeply deeply disturbed.

Thank Merlin for the full moon. They were all in desperate need of some serious marauding.

From The White Hart a MWPP work in progress.

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