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Thursday, January 06, 2005

reverse dictionary

Whenever I can't think of a particular word that I want, I use theOneLook Reverse Dictionary. You type in a phrase and it comes up with words that it thinks matches that phrase.

So, for example, when I couldn't think of the word "exacerbate" just now, I went to the Reverse Dictionary and typed in the phrase "make worse." Exacerbate was fourth on the list.

The really fun part, though, is that sometimes the reverse dictionary comes up with some pretty strange things that it thinks match your search.

Strange results for "make worse:"

18. schlimmbesserung
19. super grover
20. avon safety wheel
27. weatherproof
59. prostitute
60. whoop
72. bark
93. competitive advertising

Super Grover??

1 comment:

Cali Girl said...

From now on, every time I want to use the word "exacerbate" I'm going to say "super grover."

"Christine, I'm having a bad day, please don't come over here and talk to me, you'll only super grover the situation..."

Hey, I like that!