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Friday, January 28, 2005

Edward Gorey Writes Fanfic, with captions for those who don't live inside Sam's head.

copperbadge: A is for Albus, who planted a tree. [Dumbledore wrapped up in the whomping willow's branches]
B is for Black, done by drapery.

C is for Cedric, killed by a rat weasel.
D is for Dobby, eaten by Kneazles.

E is for Evans who made a mistake. [Lily and James' wedding photo in which she is subtly chained to his leg.]
F is for First-Years who fall in the lake. [Dennis Creevy, drowned.]

G is for Granger done in by a charm. [Hermione strangled by the time-turner]
H is for Harry who came to no harm.

I is for Irony in the next line;
J is for Journalists, dead in their prime. [Rita the ex-beetle, squashed by a copy of the Prophet.]

K is for Krum who dropped off in a trice [empty broom, floating midair.]
L is for Luna, as dotty as dice. [small girl in straitjacket]

M is for Malfoy, eternally pure. [Draco, dead on a slab and holding a lily]
N is for Neville who never was cured. [Neville, faceplanted in a cauldron]

O is Ollivander whose wands always please. [This one was hard to rhyme.]
Alternate: O is for Oliver caught in the trees [Oliver's broomstick sticking out of a tree]
P is for Peter who choked on some cheese. [dead rat, feet up]

Q is for Quirrel, beginning to smell; [Quirrell in advanced decay]
R is for Remus who eats very well. [Werewolf, with human arm protruding from mouth.]

S is for Severus, put in his place. [Snape being stewed in a cauldron]
T is for Tonks who hasn't a face. [Tonks lying with head behind curtain.]

U is for Umbridge who didn't go cleanly. [I wish I'd done better on this one. I wanted to indicate her being eaten by vampire kitties or something equally charming.]
V is for Voldemort feeding Nagini. [Nagini with a large lump in the middle.]

W is Weasley who's begging for pence. [Ron robbing someone at wandpoint]
X is for Centaurs, who never make sense. [Hahah. Because Centaurs don't start with X.....shaddup.]

Y is Young Ginny, who had a malaise;
Z is Zabini gone up in a blaze.

By Sam

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