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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year!

2005. Wow. What a scary thought.

Yesterday, Emily was telling me that one of her friends was freaked out, because when he graduated high school and went to college, he thought to himself, "I'll be the class of 2005" and it seemed so far away, and now, here it is.

But I've got one better. I'm going to be MARRIED in 2005.

Wrap your brain around THAT one, if you can. I can't. =)

Had a very strange New Year's Eve last night with Emily and her friends. Plans changed so many times I'm not quite sure at this point what we ended up doing. Then, they all chose to go see the movie "Closer." So, I called my friend Allison, who was meeting us, and told her and whatever, and we got to the theater and she had already bought her ticket, so I bought mine, and then Emily decided she needed to throw up in the parking lot. (There was no alcohol involved, either, just Tex-Mex.)

So, none of her friends wanted to go to the movie any more, but Allison and I already had our tickets, so we went.It was... Interesting. You could tell that it used to be a play. What's funny is that I got CARDED to buy my ticket (the woman asked if I was 17, and I said, "Er... I'm 24). She said it was the sexiest movie she'd ever seen. I decided she's led a very sheltered life, or has some very strange kinks.

To tell you the truth, I found almost NONE of it sexy. It was depressing and a lot of dirty talk. REALLY dirty talk. And a scene with two men having e-sex over IM when one thought the other was a woman that went on for WAY too long. WAY. Not an enthralling filmmaking technique, let me tell you, and honestly, I think it just made everyone in the audience uncomfortable.

They did use the word wank an amusing number of times though. =D

Thumbs DOWN from this reviewer.

Off to my granddad's house in a bit here to watch the Cotton Bowl on his big screen. I'm pumpped. I'm ready to hump it with the Aggies.

I think there should be a tee shirt that says "My sister is an Aggie... But I don't really get it."

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