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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Why I write harry potter fanfiction

I didn't write this essay.

But I could have.

What I mean by that is that it embodies everything I think about why on God's green earth I've decided to write a 200,000+ word novel that will NEVER be published -- CAN never be published -- outside of a few websites and weblogs. Why there are people all over the world from 12 to 50 writing Harry Potter fan fiction. Why we talk about it, think about it, live it and breathe it on a daily basis. Why it is so much fun and so important to our creative lives.

Not everybody who writes fanfiction wants to be a professional author, like I do. But all of us have somehow found this creative outlet that lets us express ourselves, even when based on someone else's foundations.

It's a great big beautiful fandom out there, and this essay very eloquently expresses why we write it.

An advertisement for Harry Potter

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