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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

two miles

I ran two miles this morning.

Two. Count them: one, two.


I got inspired because my online writing buddy Kris runs a lot. She lives in New York and goes on daily runs, in the snow, in Central Park, and last weekend she was talking about how she did eleven miles.


Let's hear it for TWO! =)

Anyway, this morning I was feelin' kinda poopy. Brandon was supposed to get up and go work out with me, but he said he didn't get to sleep until after midnight, so he was staying in bed.

*cough cough* SLACKER! *cough*

Anyway, feeling poopy, and sleepy, and grumpy, and several other of the less popular dwarves, I hauled my big behind out of bed and across the lake to the workout room and up onto that modern day torture device they call a treadmill.

Now, see, the thing that has always held me back (well, one of the things -- the MAJOR thing, at any rate) from enjoying and excelling at running has always been my asthma. I couldn't run a continuous mile without stopping until last year. That was a BIG milestone for me, and made me want to return to my elementary school and shout BOO-YA in the face of my PE teacher.

But I digress.

So, asthma being my biggest hurdle, I have recently (in the last year or so) found ways to start overcoming it. First, I take a preemptive puff on my inhaler before I get going. This seems to help a LOT. Second, I jog on the treadmill. Don't ask me why, but jogging outside is about 78% guaranteed to give me a minor asthma attack -- even when I take a preemptive puff. But, for whatever reason, jogging on the treadmill doesn't give me the same reaction.


The point of this long winded and rambly post is this:


*and the crowd goes wild*

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